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Music con Brio is committed to offering high quality music lessons at an affordable graduated tuition schedule to a diverse mix of Madison area students, forming an inclusive, supportive community to build students' self-esteem and pride in their talents.

Currently, housed at Emerson Elementary, on Madison's east side, Music con brio is open to all Madison area students in first through fourth grade. Once enrolled in the program these students may continue through high school. Students participate in partner lessons and group classes every week throughout the school year (30 weeks) and during a summer program (6 weeks). They have the opportunity to perform solo and in groups around the community throughout the year.


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Program Goals and Objectives

-Improve the ease of access to music instruction through graduated tuition fees, reduced transportation constraints, and program-provided instruments and supplies.


-Increase student involvement with the arts thereby raising student’s self- esteem and pride in their talents.


-Foster responsibility, achievement and community involvement through performance.


-Increase arts awareness at partner school(s) and in the surrounding community, building an inclusive support system for students in the arts.


-Encourage children to become involved in contributing to the cultural life of their families, schools and city.


-Provide access to a variety of artistic opportunities.


-Create joy through music making.