Frequently Asked Questions


What is Music con Brio?
Music con Brio is an extracurricular after-school music program offering violin, cello and piano lessons. All our students attend twice per week: once for a 45-minute team-taught group class and once for a 30-minute partner (or solo) lesson. Our program runs for 15 weeks each in the fall and in the spring, and we offer an optional 4-week summer session.


How much does Music con Brio cost?
Music con Brio aims to be affordable for all families, regardless of economic circumstances. We offer a graduated tuition scale based on household income. If your total household income is under $40,000 per year, and/or you have extenuating circumstances such as job loss, divorce, high health care costs, large family size, etc. you will quality for a graduated tuition rate, which depending on your situation could be as little as $1 per week.


What does tuition cover?
Music con Brio offers all-inclusive tuition, which means that tuition covers weekly classes and lessons, music, performances, and even use of an instrument and other equipment if necessary.


When and where are classes?
All lessons and classes are after school on-site at Emerson Elementary School.


How do I sign up my child?
Registration is a two-step process: first, fill out our online registration form, found HERE. Then download, print, fill out and return the forms from the Student Information packet, available HERE.


Who can sign up?
Music con Brio accepts new students from the entire Madison area in grades 1-4. You do not have to be an Emerson student to apply.


How long can my child stay in the program?
Once a student has entered Music con Brio, they may stay through their high school graduation.


What is the time commitment?
We ask families to commit to at least one full year (two 15 week semesters) at a time. While in the program, students will have to attend lessons and classes twice per week, and are expected to practice a minimum of 5 days per week for 15
minutes each day.


How often are performances?
All students have at least 3 public performance opportunities each academic year. First year students perform in a group at the First Year Student Showcase at the Emerson Variety Show in December; in a group with all Music con Brio students and a guest artist/ensemble at the Spring Community Concert; and individually at the Annual Spring Solo Recitals in May.


What is the difference between group class and partner/solo lessons? Can I sign up for just one or the other?
Music con Brio’s founders and teachers have custom-designed a holistic music curriculum that includes instrument technique, note reading, rhythm, ear training, music theory, group playing, and solo and group performance practice. The partner/solo lessons are primarily devoted to teaching the specifics of playing the instrument properly, beautifully, and without pain or tension, as well as learning specific pieces of music. The group classes involve group playing, solo performance practice, and work on note reading, rhythms, music theory, and ear training. The classes and lessons directly complement each other and are both necessary for success in Music con Brio. All students are automatically enrolled in both lessons and group classes, with no option to opt out of either one.