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​Currently, we offer violin, cello, and piano lessons after-school at Emerson Elementary, on Madison's east-side.  We hope to expand into other instruments and locations in the near future.


Registration is open to all Madison area students in first through fourth grade. 


Once enrolled in the program, students may continue through high school graduation. Students participate in partner lessons and group classes every week throughout the school year (30 weeks) and during a summer intensive program (4 weeks). 



Using a graduated tuition scale and program-provided instruments, we ensure that no student is turned away due to financial constraints.  Enrollment is first-come, first-served, so apply early for the best chance of acceptance.



Music con Brio students studying violin are learning hands on from Day 1. Whether they are stomping out rhythms, singing pitches or practicing their bow grip with a marker, their teachers make sure a strong foundation is set to ensure future success on their musical journey.


From rhythmic bass lines to soaring melodies, cello is one of the most versitile instruments in the world.  Students in the program will participate in a fun approach to learning music and a comprehensive understanding of the insturment which builds confident cellists and musicians.


Music con Brio students studying piano work with both electric and acoustic instruments. From the beginning, they work on establishing the fundamentals of excellent piano playing: posture, finger and hand positions, reading music, clapping rhythms, and singing.  They also play lots of musical games and perform solos for each other every week to help them prepare for recitals and concerts.



Music con Brio students participate in a variety of performance opportunities every year, including our Community Concert Series, our First Year Student Showcase, our Spring Solo Recitals, and our Summer Workshop Series.


“What I love about Music con Brio is the amazing concerts that we have.  And the music that we play is beautiful. And Ms. Carol and Ms. Amber are awesome teachers.”

 Lea, Grade 7

Music con Brio students have performed in the Annual Emerson Variety Show every year. As one of the coordinators of the show I see Ms. Carol and Ms. Amber bring students to the stage who are filled with confidence, self-regulation and pride! The lessons I witness at Emerson School are focused and fun. Students smile on the way in and on the way out. Simply put, Music con Brio is providing an invaluable opportunity for children to learn and appreciate music and we are privileged to have them in our Emerson community.
Tracie Tudor, Staff Member at Emerson Elementary